The Challenge

Richard Taylor and Mark Corcoran are taking the challenge and cycling 1700 miles from Bristol to Sofia, Bulgaria, to raise money to fit out a newly built Medical Centre on behalf of the Bulgarian Partners Trust

Please give us your support and follow our progress on our blog.


Leaving date: 26th September 2013

Distance: 1700 miles ( 2736 kilometres)

Cities: Bristol, London. Strasbourg, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Sofia

Elevation:75,000 feet (23,000 metres)

Duration: 23 days (including 3 rest days) – arrive in Sofia on the 18th October to meet the girls!

Support: Geoff in his camper van!

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22 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. Hello there Richard and Mark, I picked up a leaflet about your ride in the surgery and would love to carry an article in the next Downend Voice. I have most of the info but could do with a quote from Mark and a photo. Please could you email us at or call me, Linda Tanner, on 07770 700579? Many thanks – and the best of luck!

  2. Richard glad to hear it is going well. Well done. No mention of saddle sores so I presume it’s all ok in the undercarriage dept! Looking forward to hear more news as you progress. Just had Jon and Simon out with me climbing the Marbella hills – it was good fun and reasonably challenging although the 3000 ft downhill descent on a hiking track was not appreciated by all!. Anyway enjoy and look forward to meeting up in 3 weeks.
    Martin Jon and Simon

  3. Hi RT and Mark (and Geoff!)

    Glad to hear all is going ok. Looking forward to hearing all your stories (and Jon Amos can tell RT about following Martin offroad down a mountain near Marbella!!)


  4. Well done Richard and Mark,
    Enjoy your rest day and happy birthday Mark.
    Good to know you’re more than half way – hope the legs and spirits hold out
    Love from all the Paynters.

  5. Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you enjoy a day of not cycling and some treats. Hi to Richard and Cinders too. Hope it is downhill from now. Love Chris & Pete

  6. Hi Mark,This is a birthday you’ll never forget. I can hardly believe your high mileage day after day. All those months of getting fit were well worth it. I pray safety for both of you on the roads, With love, Patricia x

  7. Hi Mark – alot of water under the bridge since we qualified in ’85, but just wanted to send you my very best wishes for a truly impressive ride. Having completed JOGLE in June over 9 days, I have some slight inkling of the feat you are taking on- both physical and mental – but 1700 miles… deep respect! A friend of mine sent me the following scripture on a day when I was struggling with utter exhaustion- it was a great encouragement. So I offer it to you, along with birthday wishes! Have a great rest day.
    ‘He trained us first, passed us like silver through refining fires…pushed us to the limit, road tested us inside and out, took us to hell and back; finally he brought us to a well watered place.’ Ps 66:10-12, Message version. Chris.

  8. So sorry about Richard’s sad news – our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Meanwhile, sending Mark and Geoff lots of encouragement from a distinctly Autumnal Bristol and holding you in our prayers. You CAN do it!! The Howdens x

  9. That’s really tough – sorry to hear about your Mum, Rich. Thoughts and prayers with all three of you, as these events impact you in different ways. At our prayer meeting this morning, it was expressed and we all agreed what you are doing is really significant. May you hear God’s “I will be with you” – no matter what comes. Blessings on you – and hang in there!

  10. Thinking about you daily, so sorry to hear you have lost your partner, keep the river to your right and the wind on your back!! You are doing a great job!
    love Mike and Cherry

  11. We are so sorry to hear about Richard’s news. Yongbom and I will pray for him and his family. As for Mark, we wish you the best on your trip alone; we know that it won’t be easy but that God will be with you!
    Love, Diana and Yongbom

  12. There will be lots of us with you in spirit Mark when you are on your own pedalling away. Buddies are so important in so so many ways but knowing your determination (some people have other phrases for that!) you will get there. Keep safe through Hungary.
    Rich I am so sorry – I’ll drop you a line
    No doubt reliable Geoff will keep the show (or the bikes) on the road
    Love Mervyn and Sue

  13. So sorry. Why do these kind of things happen at the wrong time?, but I guess there is never a right time. Keep going. So what is Geoff cooking to keep Mark going?

  14. Hi Mark and Geoff. Following the blog and redoubling our prayefr support. Trusting that you have that Immanuel (God with us) experience as you plough on under unexpectedly difficult and testing circumstances. Is there an equivalent “foorprints” metaphor here (“tyretracks” maybe….)#
    Lots of love from Paul and Viv xx

  15. Really sorry to hear the news, but pray that our gracious God will comfort and strengthen you Richard and family during this sad and difficult time. May God encourage Mark and Geoff as they continue with the ride ahead and be ahead of them, alongside them and a following breeze behind them all the way. God Bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you His peace. Neil Walden, Romford

  16. Praying for the remaining jorney,you are not alone on your bike,Jesus is with you..Greetings from Vienna Rachel Fischer

  17. We will keep praying for you as you keep cycling! Well done on your fantastic effort and achievements so far.
    Love, Kate, Andrew, Grace, Ellen and Alexander.

  18. Congratulations,glad to hear that Richard was able to be there in the end.Enjoy the time of rejoiceing with the church there.Keep looking unto Jesus,Rachel Fischer

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